Special Announcement Part 2

With every life changing event I learn something new about myself and those around me.

Make sure you are learning, even in the midst of any struggle. You should ask: “what in the world should I be learning from this?”

I think the reason why I have been able to adapt to many things that should have broken me is because I try to squeeze the positive out of the situation.

Mannnn, I could have fallen apart while I watched the tears well up in my wife’s eyes right after the doctors told her she could be infertile.

But instead I noticed that the tears built up and did NOT roll up her rose colored cheeks. I imagine her telling the tear ducts “nope not today.”


And in seeing that…I knew we would be okay. I somehow knew the doctors were wrong. I knew my 2nd child was on the way.

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Define Delayed Gratification- One Minute with Jay

As we define delayed gratification I immediately think about reaching financial goals. Jim Rohn speaks about a fundamental difference between the wealthy and the not so wealthy.

What is it?

The ability to delay gratification.

This is a key because you cannot just get a fortune overnight, or have the perfect salary, or the perfect body (zero percent body fat, baby oiled glistening abs that you can bounce quarters off of. Maybe I’m only talking for myself :)) It takes time, it is a process and the wealthy learn to set long term goals.

The strategy is planning for the long game. What will it take to save 10K, 20K, 50K? You may say to me “But hold on I don’t make alot of money Jay. I don’t know what type of checks you get but I’m on a fixed income. I have bills.” I hear you. So do I. But if you take your goal and break it up over 5 years it may suddenly become more manageable and easier to save towards it each paycheck.

Delayed gratification isn’t a forever thing, it’s temporary, it’s a building process, it creates high tolerance and patience in the process, it qualifies you and gives staying power (because you had to work for it, you won’t give up as easily in tough times).


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Control your anger emotions- One Minute with Jay

Control your anger emotions through 3 simple tips: Breathe deeply and exhale through your mouth.   2. Forgive yourself for your triggers. I have some quick triggers myself but instead of feeling bad about these things I just accept myself. (Then you move forward in …

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Improving self worth- One Minute with Jay

Improving self worth develops the ultimate confidence in yourself. This is not a matter of conceit or belittling those around you in order to feel superior.

It is a conviction that you will attract the right situations, people, circumstances because you are in the right head space.

Because you are aware of how valuable, how precious you are. Everyone cannot afford your price. Some people will not have the emotional maturity to be/interact/hang with you.

No maturity equals no currency, equals “boy bye” or “girl bye.” Once your standards match your self worth, then the magic of attraction can begin.

You attract what you are. Be what you want to attract.

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Live the life you love and love the life you live- One minute with Jay

dream house, live the life you love and love the life you live

Do you currently live the life you love and love the life you live? You should and probably already do. What if I told you that you are already living the life that you want to live? You may look at me like I am …

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Does breaking barriers mean- let go of past

Does Breaking Barriers Mean- Let Go Of Past  A poem by Jay Run like the dickens my friend. Run like no one is watching. Run until you  feel yourself collide with yourself and break through the part of self that doesn’t  want old you to …

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Can I quit my job and still survive- Yes- Why I quit my job and I am happy about it

Can I quit my job and still survive? That is a question I asked myself over and over again on a Saturday afternoon while I worked for a billion dollar company. This company gave me a nice little package: a brand new Iphone, laptop, decent …

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