Why I became a Life Coach

Why I became a life coach.

I became a life coach because while being coached (and I didn’t realize I was being coached) I experienced transformative change.

We all can change or make changes but will they last? Also, are the changes just in one area? Transformative change occurs you achieve goals that impact multiple areas of your life and character.

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How A&J End Their Day- EP 17

The time has come….at least in our household to have the discussion about race with our oldest child.

I didn’t think that this talk would come so early but unfortunately it could not be avoided given the increased awareness on racial injustice recently.

As you listen to this episode, imagine how you would break the topic to your child or how does the conversation compare.

How are you handling explaining racism and bias in your household?

Also, if you are interested in the children’s book I mentioned during this episode here is the link to it being read aloud:

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Are you building new Habits?

How are you handling all this STUFF going on around you?
It ain’t easy on parents, kids, households in general.

Even the single folks out there. Sometimes it’s tough just getting along with ourselves and now we have all this time to just….


And sit.

I encourage you to take a small part of all of this newfound abundance of time to work on your habits.

Just add a new, tiny skill to something you are already doing. My video above goes into more detail on how to do that.

You have nothing but time UTILIZE it. Please. This is a public service announcement brought to in part by the good people at….welll me. Gracias.


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