Are you building new Habits?

How are you handling all this STUFF going on around you?
It ain’t easy on parents, kids, households in general.

Even the single folks out there. Sometimes it’s tough just getting along with ourselves and now we have all this time to just….


And sit.

I encourage you to take a small part of all of this newfound abundance of time to work on your habits.

Just add a new, tiny skill to something you are already doing. My video above goes into more detail on how to do that.

You have nothing but time UTILIZE it. Please. This is a public service announcement brought to in part by the good people at….welll me. Gracias.


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How A & J End Their Day EP 15

Remember our world pre-pandemic? What will it be like when all of this is over? Take a listen…

Sidenote: The beginning of the episode starts off with J having the lowest energy a human can possibly have. He wants you to know that it is not you, it was him (giant headache, lack of sleep…aka infant sleep regression aka grrrr). His energy does improve throughout the episode.

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