Living life you want- One Minute with Jay

Are you living the life you want? Are you? If not, could it be that you are looking at life through the wrong lense?

Many of us are waiting on life to magically hand us something simply because we are good people.

What is a “good” person? That’s up for philosophical debate. I won’t touch that today but I do believe that people who constantly add value to the lives of others are rewarded.

However, you have to be able to see the value you add and see what is possible for you to attain. If you cannot see it in your mind’s eye then it will never be yours.

Those that see life as a negative, dark, horrible place are the exact people that never get promoted and wonder why.

When I say promotion I mean promotion on the job, new levels in life, getting married to that loving spouse you want, having the girlfriend you desire, even reaching new levels of personal/physical fulfillment.

All of these things are lenses that you can view your own life through and imagine the possibility.

Feel it, then go after it….

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