1. This is a great way to focus on your goals. I personally use a dry erase board that I pass probably 20 times each day, and so I notice my goals that I have written down prior. Actually writing down my goals 3 times a day would further enforce the idea, and keep them in the front of my mid. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Yeah let’s be very focused and have a goal towards career WA has been really a helping alot of people its saves alot of lifes and individuals  it’s been paying and reliable ,teaches people also how to become a real successful  individual I really appreciate  what this platform  has been impacting to peoples lifes  thanks so much for this post it ll go a long way 

  3. Hi jay,thank you so much for those words of encouragement! I really cherish personal development topic.I also enjoyed the video and found it too short.It just remind me a book I was reading recently called” the little red book it works”.What you just shared is so true because every beginning of the year , we have big goals and loose them at the middle of the journey.yes we need to focus on our goal! Thank you !

    1. Thanks Eva. Definitely try to write down the main goal consistently throughout the year. I typically post one minute videos but if you have ideas, I am all ears.

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