Improving self worth- One Minute with Jay

Improving self worth develops the ultimate confidence in yourself. This is not a matter of conceit or belittling those around you in order to feel superior.

It is a conviction that you will attract the right situations, people, circumstances because you are in the right head space.

Because you are aware of how valuable, how precious you are. Everyone cannot afford your price. Some people will not have the emotional maturity to be/interact/hang with you.

No maturity equals no currency, equals “boy bye” or “girl bye.” Once your standards match your self worth, then the magic of attraction can begin.

You attract what you are. Be what you want to attract.


  1. I so much agree with that! I personally got rid of people who were bringing negative experience into my life. It just brings you down and prevent you from being your best self. When you think about it, likes attract likes. So if you start loving yourself and show confidence, you will attract confidence and positive people into your life. But if you think negative, don’t believe in yourself, you will attract the wrong people and won’t be able to move forward in your life.

    1. Hi Nawale,

      I agree, you attract what you are and you know what you are focusing on by what is coming into your life. I’ve had to cut many negative people from my life as well. It was necessary in order to move closer towards the person I want to be.

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