Define Delayed Gratification- One Minute with Jay

As we define delayed gratification I immediately think about reaching financial goals. Jim Rohn speaks about a fundamental difference between the wealthy and the not so wealthy.

What is it?

The ability to delay gratification.

This is a key because you cannot just get a fortune overnight, or have the perfect salary, or the perfect body (zero percent body fat, baby oiled glistening abs that you can bounce quarters off of. Maybe I’m only talking for myself :)) It takes time, it is a process and the wealthy learn to set long term goals.

The strategy is planning for the long game. What will it take to save 10K, 20K, 50K? You may say to me “But hold on I don’t make alot of money Jay. I don’t know what type of checks you get but I’m on a fixed income. I have bills.” I hear you. So do I. But if you take your goal and break it up over 5 years it may suddenly become more manageable and easier to save towards it each paycheck.

Delayed gratification isn’t a forever thing, it’s temporary, it’s a building process, it creates high tolerance and patience in the process, it qualifies you and gives staying power (because you had to work for it, you won’t give up as easily in tough times).


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