Can I quit my job and still survive- Yes- Why I quit my job and I am happy about it

Can I quit my job and still survive? That is a question I asked myself over and over again on a Saturday afternoon while I worked for a billion dollar company. This company gave me a nice little package: a brand new Iphone, laptop, decent salary.

The problem was that all of this came at a cost that I did not imagine. The company I worked for believed in working around the clock. It was a 24 hour, 7 day a week operation where I was expected to pick of my phone at all hours of the night and every weekend. Even Sundays and I happen to be heavily involved in my church (Sundays are extremely busy for me and sacred).

On the particular Saturday it happened to be my birthday. My wife had planned a small party for me with chocolate lava cake, mmmm my favorite. Then my work phone rang, it was my boss that needed me to come in and complete some medical paperwork that needed to be completed right away. I asked if he was coming in and he said no. Why? He is at home with his family.

In short it was MY job to come in and handle these type of business transactions. Failing to complete within 24 hours would negatively affect the company and prevent an employee from being properly covered.

I drove into work in my new shirt, a shirt I purchased to show off in celebration of my birthday. Tears streamed down my face, drowning the polo man in the right corner of my collared shirt. I haven’t had a holiday or weekend off in months and my day was ruined.

I pulled myself together long enough to walk into the building, get to my office, shut the door and cried on and off for hours as I walked quietly but judiciously.

“Don’t quit.” A little voice told me. I responded aloud “Can I quit my job and still survive!” I have a mortgage and family to support. What will I do next?

Shortly after this mini-crisis, I decided to look for another job with better hours, hopefully better pay, and started to save my pennies like Scrooge McDuck. I built up a four month cushion to help me pay bills and live if I decided to walk away.

After building this cushion something funny happened. I felt completely free. I had a back-up plan. So I began to apply to jobs like crazy, 5-10 a day, less if they were not relevant to my experience.

Then after a year the right job finally came around. No 24/7 being on call, no weekends so I can enjoy my family outings, and better pay with opportunity to advance if I choose.

Freedom begins with planning carefully.

You deserve to have a job that fits your lifestyle, that places money in your pocket but doesn’t kill you in the process.

You do not have to choose between high pay or family. You can have both if you are willing to search for it and be patient until the right situation appears.


  1. It takes a lot of guys and strength to decide you want to leave your job and then actually do it. Congrats!

    1. Man, I am just trying to live more according to the vision I have for myself and less according to what is dictated to me.
      Thanks for the comment Mat. Much appreciated!

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