Control your anger emotions- One Minute with Jay

Control your anger emotions through 3 simple tips:

  1. Breathe deeply and exhale through your mouth.


2. Forgive yourself for your triggers. I have some quick triggers myself but instead of feeling bad about these things I just accept myself. (Then you move forward in a calmer state. This is not an exercise to prove or justify your anger. But instead an exercise of realization.)


3. Seek divine guidance. Ask for assistance in managing your stresses.


  1. Thanks a lot for your advice. I completely agree with you that breathing is a great way of controlling the anger or any other emotion, as well. As to me, it is important to focus on the breathing process as then I switch my mind from the annoying thing to the breathing process and the negative emotions vanish away. I really like that you have explained everything in a video – I am sure it will help a lot of people.

    1. Hi Arta- Breathing in moments of stress is like taking your mind off of autopilot and redirecting. Isn’t it? Thanks for the comment. I hope to hear from you again soon.


  2. Hey Jay πŸ˜‰
    Awesome video ! It was very informative & helpful πŸ˜‰

    Breathing does help a lot indeed! It is very unfortunate that when I am angry I tend to think about the whole negative situation & kinda relieve it again in my head and just be all angry at people, the situation AND myself for not being able to stop myself from getting angry or worse- not stopping myself from continuing to argue and making the situation even worse….

    At that moment when I am angry I am constantly thinking about the whole situation that made me angry with a negative perspective, which is honestly quite dumb, as it will make You only angrier.. You need to see good things in such angry moments to learn how to manage Yourself better and to learn from Your mistakes as well, which can trigger someone as well. I really like how You mentioned that it is very important to learn how to forgive Yourself for these triggered moments, thank You for reminding me! I for sure need to follow Your advice & after an argument or some other type situation that triggered me to go somewhere in a quite place & do breathing excercises as well as forgive myself for those emotional triggers ;).

    Keep up the good work πŸ˜‰

    1. Hi Evald,

      Yesss please forgive yourself, it’s a step closer to calming and understanding yourself. The breathing exercises really do help. I feel the pressure in my head subside when I do them.


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