Are you building new Habits?

How are you handling all this STUFF going on around you?
It ain’t easy on parents, kids, households in general.

Even the single folks out there. Sometimes it’s tough just getting along with ourselves and now we have all this time to just….


And sit.

I encourage you to take a small part of all of this newfound abundance of time to work on your habits.

Just add a new, tiny skill to something you are already doing. My video above goes into more detail on how to do that.

You have nothing but time UTILIZE it. Please. This is a public service announcement brought to in part by the good people at….welll me. Gracias.


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You are in Control

If your job is bogging you down, whether that be due to the environment your higher ups have created, lack of being paid what you are worth, or just plain boredom… CHANGE IT. Either influence the environment around you by leading change right where you …

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The leader among leaders

You have to be ready to stand alone, if you are fighting for what you feel is right, fair, equitable. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have support or that you won’t pick up supporters along the way. It means that you may be the …

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Your destiny is Calling

It’s nice to make a ton of money. It’s nice to work on interesting projects or build your professional career. I have done all the above. Well… the ton of money not so much but I did just increase my pay by 3.5% (listen that’s …

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Keeping Perspective during Distraction

There are many things that attempt to pull my attention away from my purpose. Things such as Bills People who don’t understand why I keep working the way I do despite challenges I guess that ties into other people’s opinions But I am comforted in …

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There is always…ALWAYS

There is always time. Time for yourself, time for your family, time left to achieve what you want. Competition is a distraction. We get so caught up in competing that we forget that whatever is for us is waiting for us to find it. No …

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