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It’s nice to make a ton of money. It’s nice to work on interesting projects or build your professional career. I have done all the above. Well… the ton of money not so much but I did just increase my pay by 3.5% (listen that’s …

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Best Leadership Traits- Part 1

What are the best leadership traits to have? We will discuss below. You do not have to be bananas to be a leader or some crazy fortune 500 CEO. You are a leader right now and can lead from where you are. The points below are easy to work on.

1. First & foremost is vision.

A leader has a clearly stated mission that is easy to state in a few sentences or less. Take a look at Xerox’s mission: “Our strategic intent is to help people find better ways to do great work–by constantly leading in document technologies, products and services that improve our customers’ work processes and business results.”

If you work for Xerox it’s pretty clear why you are there and what you are contributing to. You become easier to follow if people know the reason behind their work and how they play a role in executing the vision.

2. All will drive. 

Great leaders have tremendous drive that powers their will to succeed. All of their will is used to succeed even when they struggle. There is a definiteness of purpose. Anyone can have this by having and maintaining a list of specific goals. Keeping the goals in mind creates self motivation to achieve them.

3. Outlook on future. 

The future always looks bright. You’ll notice that some of the best leaders will figure out how to turn a disadvantage into a strength. If you take a look at a NBA player like Kobe, you get to see this first hand during the period he played with one hand: Because leaders like him believe that they will win no matter the circumstance.

4. Unshakability (Un-Shake-Uh-Bill-Luh-Tee). 

When you are a leader there is always something that can be a source of aggravation. This is especially true if you are trying to spark change. Being even kneel and have a certain unshakability is what keeps you from being easily pushed off course. Many leaders learn to control their immediate reactions. Focusing on solutions rather than the problem itself is one way to avoid allowing your emotions get the best of you.

5. Presentation Ability. 

You do not have to be a great Martin Luther King like orator. But you will need confidence to persuade and convey your messages to group of people. If you have struggle in this area joining a group like toastmasters can help you get practice. Above all else remember to be yourself. Even one the co-founders of Nike, Phil Knight has openly talked about how much he hates public speaking. But he does it anyway despite how he feels and he does it his own way.

6. Intense Concentration. 

Leaders can concentrate and work intensely on their goals. This requires removing distractions. Personally when it is time to work on a project I remove anything from my desk that can cause my mind to wander: computer if not needed, phone, clicky pens, pictures of my family (I know, that’s weird. But I will use anything to procrastinate or day dream so the pics have to go too.).

Stay tuned for part 2.

Let me know if you have any of these traits….oh and as a reminder please add me to your email contacts/list…this is to keep my weekly posts from the evil spam folder.

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