Power Posture- Quick way to boost Confidence

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For the longest time I thought that a power pose was some kind of yogi-bent over awkwardly-hands behind the back-clasping thingy you did to get more flexible.

But power posture is actually a way to quickly change our self confidence. Body language changes how the world around us views us (Horrible english but work with me here). If you want to change how people perceive you then change your body stance. This also works for our own bodies because body language changes body chemistry.

So by changing your stance to one that is more open: chest out, legs and arms spread out taking up a lot space, you will feel more confident.

We see this most commonly with superheroes. Take the group of Iron Men below.

That is a pretty confident, pretty powerful pose, minus the slight slouch that some of them may have. With the power pose remember no slouching because that indicates low to no confidence.

And it gets better…the people that study this stuff indicate that holding the pose for two minutes increases testosterone while lowering cortisol. So you are least temporarily lowering stress.

Pose away, pose away!


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