Men Health Questions- Why do I Avoid the Doctor?- Top Excuses

As promised, here is a list of 10 excuses men make to avoid the doctor.

Check out the list here.

I found this list while researching my last post, Men Health Questions- When should I get a checkup?

My personal favorite is number 5. Money comes and money goes. Refusing to pay the doctor a visit because of the cost (especially if you have insurance) may not be wisest decision.

A checkup can prevent or catch an illness early enough where you can have a longer, fulfilling life.

Or would you rather wait until that infected toe turns black. Now you have to chop it off to save your foot.

Hmmm, the bill for antibiotics and a copay or the cost of amputation and children screaming when I wear sandals to the beach? Decisions, decisions ?.

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