Men Health Questions- When Should I get a checkup?

Hi Guys- And I mean that literally ?.

I get men health questions like “Bro when should I get a checkup? Ya know to make sure everything is tight.”

I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on tv. But I do understand that sometimes it helps to hear it from a friend.

So here it is (advice from big bro Jay or little bro if you happen to be 5 foot 10 and up): for blood pressure and general health exams the recommendation every 3 to 5 years.

That is according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Also, the recommendation to get a physical is also every 3 to 5 years. Going regularly will help your doctor keep your vaccinations up to date as well.

Oh and get a flu shot every year, especially if you have snotty nose kids (like me). Kid germs are potent and get stronger once they go to school and team up with other kid germs. You’ve been warned.

Outside of that- -Man Listen ?- -Go as soon as you feel something is off.

Case in point: for 2 weeks I had a cough and pain in my lower back/legs. I continued to run 3 miles or so 3 times a week and lift without thinking twice.

Then I got a sore throat with the pains. Shook it off and had some tea. Then I got a fever that wouldn’t break after two days. Mind you, I still went to work and lead my other volunteer responsibilities. I felt obligated to and figured I would just go to bed earlier each night.

Finally my wife tells me “Uh maybe you should go see a doctor babe. Your symptoms aren’t getting better.”

Hmmmm what a thought ?

I go and find out I have pneumonia. I’m on antibiotics and perfectly fine but it shouldn’t take someone else to remind you to take care of yourself.

Please step away from the pride.

Warren Buffett once spoke about how if someone gave you a car and told you this is the only one you will get, you would wash it, vacuum, wax it, oil changes.

You would take GOOD care of it.

But we only get one body and it has to last for a lifetime. Yet we don’t always treat it that way.

We create tons of excuses why we shouldn’t go see a doctor like not want to cough up the copay. There’s a whole list that I found, which I will have to share some time tomorrow.

But my point is this…..

Some of us treat our cars better than our bodies. Men, let’s do a better job. Myself included.


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