Get Disciplined- Wake up at 3am

get disciplined- 7am alarm clock

It’s 7:00am and your arm shakes as it wanders to find the sound of you clock to make it stop. You have maybe an hour to pull yourself together and get out the door before you are late.

You want more energy and time to figure out what you want out of life.

Eric Thomas would tell you that if you could get disciplined then everything else will fall in line. If you could get up a few hours earlier, then you would have plenty of time to find yourself and more.

Eric goes as far as saying that he decided to wake up at 3am every morning just so he could get a jump start on his goals.

He spent so much time or wasted time doing things like playing video games when he should have been studying to advance his career. He wasted time being too social/hanging out, laying in bed too long. So he created a new schedule for himself.

He tightened up, disciplined himself as a means to combating his own bad habits.

Now that routine is a natural part of him. It’s how he focuses. If you listen his other speeches he even believes that this schedule helps to control his temper.

For me personally, 3:00am is a little extreme. But I understand the principle of waking up earlier than most to achieve what most do not.

Let me know what you think?


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