Failure leads success- One Minute with Jay

My biggest failure or at least one of my biggest failures is why I believe that failure leads success. A pain point of my life is the lack of role modeling or mentoring I gave my little brother.

While we grew up in the same household I set the best example that I could, going to work while in high school, running my own grass cutting business and spending time trying to teach him right from wrong.

I tried to be a father figure, stand in the gap but he resented my advice that I would give.

I went to college and had to hear how he escalated from graffiti to worse crimes, eventually disappearing for a year. Then we received a call, “the call.” “Are you willing to accept a call from___?”

He was in jail.

I spent so time studying, working on campus, internships.

I instantly felt like I failed my little brother.

I could have spent more time with him, even if he didn’t want to hear my mouth. I could have encouraged him more, been an ear to help keep him from the streets.

Mind you I was only a kid myself, with my own baggage but I could have done more. This regret in part fuels my desire to mentor. I learned that sometimes the people that don’t want to be mentored are the one’s that need it the most.

Part of mission is to reach as many people as possible & break their negative thinking. What failures have created your success or are creating your success?


  1. Your story is incredible and because it fuels you so much, you’ll be that much better at being mentor. Sometimes it’s hard to take the right path and you could have easily gone a similar route as your brother just because something bad happened that you couldn’t control, but you have chosen to do something positive with something others would consider a hopeless cause. Congratulations on realizing your passion and I wish you the best. Even if you help one person stay off the streets, you’ve done an amazing service.

    1. Hi Aria,

      Thank you for your comments. I appreciate them because part of my mission is to help where there may not be any hope. Thank you for understanding. I believe that changing one person is all you need to change many more!


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