Why do I have no Motivation

why do I have no motivation- girl

I received a question today that was similar to a question I received last night and a few times before. Basically the question is why do I have no motivation?

Usually the question comes from a person that is a little seasoned with goal setting and is experiencing a slump. This aggravates people that have made headway, as it should.

My simple response is that you are challenging your brain and your own makeup in a way. It could be that you are pushing yourself too hard and need a short break. Or you are biting off more than your brain can chew.

It’s normal, you’re normal. The brain thinks that it is protecting you and also wants to maintain status quo. Sometimes your brain is like billy goat named Amanda that never wants to do anything unless you feed her what she likes first.

why do i have no motivation

Random? Yep, it is but remember your brain is a stubborn billy goat. You may have to coax her just a little bit.
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