When are you considered wealthy?- What is true wealth?- One Minute with Jay

When are you considered wealthy? What is true wealth?

Wealth goes beyond what you have in your pocket. If you are wealthy from a holistic perspective then your entire person is prosperous.

This has to do with your workout routine. How often do you work out? Are you putting the right things into your body?

Do you have a good eating habits? Or are you just eating whatever, whenever, however?

Talk to me about your personality and your heart. Can you take direction? Are you able to take constructive criticism and turn it into something fruitful? Would your closest friends consider you to be the embodiment of love?

Being in love is displaying an affection towards everyone who you interact with even the people you don’t like!

Only after we take a look at the whole person can we discuss what’s in your wallet.

Tell me what is the wealth to you?

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