Thinking your way better life- Better Pay

Thinking your way to a better life and better pay is possible.

I assume that if you are reading this that you are a human being (I hope so) and this gives you an advantage.

The advantage is to rationalize and create new ideas. Animals have to rely on instinct to survive and will never be anything more than what they currently are.

You on the other hand can develop and change your situation. Use the free resources that are at your fingertips to get moving.

Go to the library if nothing else for Pete’s sake and pick up a few books on whatever area you are trying to improve.

Just last night, I popped into the library and snagged a copy of The Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham.


Because I want to learn more on investment strategy and this book comes recommended by Warren Buffett. Buffett is possibly the greatest investor of all time!

It was a no brainer. Getting the knowledge is free.

There are no excuses to have less than what you want.

What resources can you make use of right away?

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