Does Money Matter in Relationship

Does money matter in the relationship, relationships in general?

Yes it absolutely does. The number one cause of divorce do to some sort of financial problem. Sometimes the problem is a shortage of money, Sometimes divorce happens right after one spouse or if you can even imagine this both spouses get laid off at the same time.

If this makes you cringe then it’s time to talk to your helpmate.

Discuss the what if’s so you know where your partner stands. What do I mean? Will your partner stick by you if you lose your job and current lifestyle?

One of my ex girlfriend’s values were so out of wack we had to break up after my company was downsized.

She told me that getting laid off was my fault because I saw it coming and now she was upset. My guess is that she was angry that I couldn’t provide.

I admit, sometimes the writing is on the wall. Butttt I thought things would turn around if I worked harder.

Close but no cigar.

So that chapter had to come to an end.

The thing is I had no clue my girlfriend was so self-centered and did not care about me as a person or our relationship beyond my paycheck.

That’s why I definitely advocate for you to speak with your significant other as soon as possible when it comes to your financial values.

The last thing you want is to get into a pinch and realize after a few years that a piece of your relational foundation is unstable.

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