Resumes that stand out- Pass the 30 Second Test- One Minute with Jay


Resumes that stand out typically pass a 30 second test. If you give your resume to an absolute stranger will they be able to figure out:

1. What type of job you are applying for?

2. What qualifications make you unique?

And the stranger has to be able to do this in 30 seconds or less. That’s about how long a recruiter or busy hiring manager will look at your resume.

Being an HR Manager myself and when we had to fill 10 to 15 entry level jobs I did not have the time to over analyze each sheet of paper.

I had to make quick decisions on whether to interview or not, while thumbing through sometimes hundreds of resumes.

And those were just the resumes that our ATS narrowed down. There is a technique for getting the ATS from passing over your qualifications as well.

Check out the video above and let me know if you have comments or how I can help you.


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