Remove the obstacles- Use this- One Minute with Jay

Your creativity will be responsible to remove the obstacles you are facing.

This power called creativity flows through you all you have to do is tap in.

Now you may be thinking, “nooo I’m not even close to being creative. I’m not an artist, I can’t even draw stick figures man.”

But have you ever solved a problem that troubled you? I mean even a small one.

Of course you have! You solve problems everyday…that is creativity. And it will be this same resource, the same way of thinking that will remove whatever faces you.

You do not need to know how it will exactly happen, just know that it will through tapping into that imagination of yours.


  1. Hi Jay, It’s true we tend to diminish how creative we actually are. Your article made me realize how many things I’ve accomplished just today by thinking in a creative and positive way.

    Also, when I see my 4-year-old try over and over again to learn how to do new things on her own I just find it amazing how patience and calm can help you find a creative way to solve a problem.

    You’re right, the most amazing things were invented to solve a problem, to make life easier. I believe we all possess creativity once we stop thinking obstacles are here to stop us. In fact, their here to help us grow stronger and find our own solutions.

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      When observing children, we also see a persistence in using creativity until the problem is solved. I see this everyday with my 8-year old. It’s inspiring. I’m inspired to tap into my creativity all the time.

      Thanks for the comment.


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