More Goals Less Stuff

First, let me say that I owe you guys a video follow up to my last video where I mention that I have some news….good news to share. I promise to follow up on that this week.

Ok ? let’s switch topics. #Goals.

I have made a lot of goal lists over the years and found that some goals really make me excited to complete. But others just make me feel like “ummm ok, what’s next?”

I believe this revolves around the purpose behind the goal. I had a very specific money goal but the push for it was mainly to get more stuff. Once I hit the goal guess what? I wasn’t happy. I just wanted more stuff (Car improvements, tints, rims, designer clothes. Truth be told I don’t even really like designer labels, minus Ralph Lauren due to his quality of cloth.)

Goals like earning a master’s degree and other certifications have meant more. Why? Because it wasn’t about the actual piece of paper but the person I became in the process.

What are you becoming?

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