How to gain energy naturally- One Minute with Jay


I have tested this for myself and know that this is a great practice because it has helped me.

When I wake up around 5 AM, read something quick that inspires me, work out for 20 to 25 minutes, then make my plan of attack for the day I am way more focused and energized.

This is how to gain energy naturally.

My plan of attack usually consists of the five things I need to get done throughout the day, these are the most important things. Also, I  include important family errands or events (plays, report card conferences, etc).

Then I look at my goals that I have set for this year as a reminder where ultimately need to be.

Only then do I get ready for work.

As I mentioned earlier this has given me a new level of energy and I think it’s due to a few different things…


The body continually burns calories even after your work out. So by getting up and doing an intense work out early, I am getting my metabolism going earlier. It is burning and my body is burning calories longer.

How is this possible?

Because in addition to the burning our body would normally do I am constantly feeding my metabolism with small meals throughout the day which is extending that burn period.


Working out is no different than drinking a cup of coffee. You typically drink your coffee in the morning so that you are alert, awake and to get rid of that zombie feeling.

Especially if you’ve had a long day the day before, add in kids, family, errands, cutting the grass, shaving, flossing your teeth etc. I’m joking but you get the point.

The coffee gives you that jolt to get you going. Well working out really will do the exact same thing. You naturally increase adrenaline when you work out. That’s why some people have a problem going to sleep when they go to the gym at night.

So when you do this in the morning it is giving the same exact feeling that you would get from the cup of joe—minus the stained teeth and possible addiction if you drink too much.


I’ve taken the time to concentrate on what matters the most before any one or anything can distract me or shift my attention.

There is a psychological advantage you gain over others around you knowing that you’ve already taken care of your body and your mental well-being wayyyy before  you even get into work.

By the time you arrive at work, you already have a boost and you are ready to seize the day. You can accomplish more than someone who is just waking up by the time they say good morning to you.

Most people are not willing or claim they do not have enough time to be as productive. Knowing that alone will give you the desire to keep doing it.


  1. Very insightful! Thanks for sharing these tips…

    Simple yet difficult to do to begin with… I have been thinking of execising but I focused on doing other things. But you’re right, we should exercise. It should be the first task on a daily basis. Making our bodies healthy is such a huge investment to achieve different goals in a day. Indeed, health is wealth!

    1. Absolutely! You need your health to push to attain more in your life. Try to take on some time…even if it’s only 15 to 20 minutes a day to focus on your body. You won’t regret it. Thanks for stopping by. I hope to hear from you again after you tested it out.


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