Health Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep- Minutes with Jay

There are many health benefits of getting enough sleep. I hinted on how sleep can help you as well as tips on increasing happiness in my last post, you can check it here.

At different levels of sleep you will get different benefits. In the first level not much really happen besides eye twitching.

In the second level, your blood pressure drops and your heart rests which helps the cardiovascular system.

Later on you get the benefits of growth hormones being released and muscles being rebuilt. That means that if you are trying to get bigger biceps, traps, chesticles (aka chest muscles)…you gotta sleep. Also, for my ladies that are trying to lose weight or get cut, this is important for you too!

While we are on the subject of weight, sleep regulates your appetite. Ever stayed up too late and wanted to eat the house down or didn’t feel hungry at your normal time skipping breakfast maybe even lunch? This is due to a hiccup in your sleeping pattern.

Just something to think about!

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