Are people afraid of Change

I have witnessed many people who have a strong desire to change and will even create a plan on how the new year will be different.

But when push comes to shove and day 10 rolls around of a new fitness plan or a new resolution fueled routine….mannnn people fall off and disappear.

Sometimes people don’t even make it through the first week consistently.

It just becomes too hard. Or does it? What’s preventing progress? Are people afraid of change?

There are neuroscience studies that suggest Change kind of hurts the brain ? in a way.

Change makes the brain uncertain of what to do next, which is uncomfortable. So your brain wants to get back to something it understands quickly. Thus you avoiding the change to appease it.

I’m not just making this stuff up. The experts at are in support of this theory.

Your fear of change may be innate. But you are capable of positive change. Do you Believe that? If not that could be part of the hold up.

If you understand that you can change, in fact you must change for survival, improvement then you can combat how the brain feels.

Remind yourself of the times that you embraced change and it worked it for your good.

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