You cannot serve two masters- Part 1

cannot serve two masters

This is part one of a talk I gave on why you cannot serve two masters. I broke it into parts because it is a pretty deep topic. So I hope that the parts makes it easily digestible.

This talk dives into how sometimes the greed for attention and of course money can be some of our biggest downfalls.

I know that in my own past I have selected jobs solely based on the salary I could receive. Never really considering culture of the company, the people running it or how it tied into my own morals.

The risk is being pulled deeper into a vicious circle of making choices that are only based on getting more money. It’s vicious and over time can change you into something horrible.

Let me know your thoughts and comments below. Part 2 will be posted next Sunday.



  1. I cannot agree more with everything you said. This is an important topic for me because I am the kind of a person who is chasing money.

    The thing is everyone doesn’t believe that money will make them happy, but everyone wants to prove that they are right. So, they are chasing money.

    I am kind of a same, but I changed my opinion about money a lot as now I see them as the tool to support my development which will make me better and happier person, but I don’t believe that the number of digits on my bank account will make me happy.

    1. Hi Eugen,

      We get so caught up in chasing money that we forget exactly what you said…it’s only a resource. 

      Thank you for commenting.


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