Why Isolation Good

As I write this brief post I’m simply going to call why isolation good, it is 5:17am.

I am in a dark room and the raindrops are cascading down the roof. Dark, ugly, muddy but it is in this moment I find complete and total peace.

I am isolated from all the nastiness outside. Aware but isolated.

Only in isolation can you be still enough to repair what is going on inside of you.

If you are in a place of isolation. And I mean where friends may have abandoned you, family may not understand you…this is not the worst place to be.

Use this time to become aware of everything that may be going wrong or doesn’t look right around you. Notice it, don’t participate but observe. Then decide who you want to be. What you want to become, who you are really.

No one else can really understand you until you do anyway. So maybe having the extra people around you wouldn’t help.

Just something to think about.

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