The morning rituals of successful people

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I have always been one to study the habits of people that accomplish alot over a prolonged period. Success always leaves breadcrumbs for us to follow as can be seen with the morning rituals of successful people.

How do they prepare for their day? Read below folks.

Jeff Bezos- CEO of Amazon

Jeff wakes up every morning without using an alarm clock. How does he do this? By getting enough sleep the night before. Jeff ensures that he gets a minimum eight hours every night.

Also, he never schedules early morning meetings which gives him plenty of time to share with his wife and four kids.

Oprah Winfrey- Talk show host Icon and owner of the OWN network

Oprah starts her day with twenty minutes of meditation, works out by running on the treadmill, and then has a healthy breakfast typically with some sort of protein.

Obama- Former President of the Free World (United States :))

Barack Obama exercises every morning and is willing to wake up two hours before his first meeting in order to maintain the ritual.

Next he has breakfast and then reads the paper and catches up on sports.

Tony Robbins- Author, Motivational Speaker

Tony has an interesting routine. He does three sets of 30 deeps breaths.

Then closes his eyes, slows down his breathing and remembers everything in his life that he is thankful for.

Finally he prays and typically asks for guidance.

Final Thoughts

I find it intriguing that each of the people listed above have a technique that centers them and eases them into the the long day ahead.

The common theme is to carve out dedicated me time everyday before the day truly begins. This strengthens your purpose, focus and can reduce stress. Too many of us run on empty while trying to impress or even help others. But we do not take the time to refuel.

You are no good to anyone if you are not in a place of peace mentally.

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