The Law of Sacrifice- One Minute with Jay

The law of sacrifice states that something of lesser value must leave in order for something of greater value to take its place.

What is difficult is reassigning the value of a situation, circumstance or person in your life.

I have parted ways with many former friends in the past. Not because they were bad people but they were not working towards the same things I wanted.

When I was trying to save money to purchase a house, they were looking for the next party or the next girl to sleep with.

That was not a part of my lifestyle. So I had to let them go. Well I wanted to but they knew all about me: the schools I went to, my mom, my sister, my favorite food from childhood, and listened to the same music as me.

I couldn’t just cut them off, right? There is just too much history. They accept me for me.

So instead I focused more on the things I wanted out of life. Eventually my “friends” stopped calling me.

I couldn’t hang out everyday because I worked long hours, I couldn’t hangout on the weekends because I was saving.

A party wasn’t worth delaying my future.

What is sacrifice to you?

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