Trust in the timing of your life- One Minute with Jay

Trust in the timing of your life. Your life my not look like someone else’s.

Your path may not look like your friend’s path or your neighbor’s path.

We all have our individual road to travel and it’s okay if it takes longer. I am learning this in my own life while trying to have a child with my wife. We have been trying for close to a year now and nothing has happened.

The doctors can’t explain it, they just keep saying to keep trying. Frustration is setting in but I know my path may not be similar to anyone around me.

If I get caught up in how easy it has been for others then I will never receive my own bundle of joy.

In the same regard you may be trying to give birth to something wonderful. A new business, new idea, new way of living but the process may be slow.

I’m here to tell you that it is okay for the movement to be slow, as long as you do not give up on yourself.

Trust the timing in your life is perfect, even if late by your standards. Your baby will come when it is time. #trustintheprocess


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