Advance life-Advance Vision- One in the same

You could take the phrase advance life, advance vision, switch them around and still have the same meaning.


Because they are one in the same. You cannot have one without the other. So if you want to advance your life then need a compelling vision that pulls you out of bed in the morning.

Part of that vision is focusing on things you can change. You cannot change the economy, the president, the old lady that decides to drive 5 miles per hour on a one lane road while you’re driving to work (I’m not talking from experience or anything :)).

But you can change how you react to the things that seem to be working against you.

The economy won’t bother you as much if you say to yourself “hey it fluctuates like everything else, how I invest my money is what matters.”

The unemployment rate could be low but what matters is who/how many people/employers you connect with.

This is all apart of vision.

Then there’s whole picture thinking. Try not to get caught up in one piece of your vision so narrowly that you lose sight of the whole enchilada.

You may want a higher position or just a different job and work hard waiting to get noticed. Or you interview but nothing has changed YET. Don’t allow that to stall you. If your goal is to get a new job…focus on that.

There are many ways to get it if that is what you really want. Maybe it’s time to apply outside of your current job, aka a new place.

Look at the whole picture. What haven’t you done yet? You can only think like this once you agree to avoid the narrow mindset.

Avoid, avoid, abort.

I hope this helps, my friends.


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