Stop self limiting beliefs- One minute with Jay

The title of today’s post is stop self limiting beliefs for one reason:

We all have something that when we are on the verge of trying something new or exciting it speaks “You don’t have what it takes.” When was the last time you heard that voice? How often do you hear that voice?

This may be a voice of your own construction. A voice you created to hold yourself back so you can rest in the comfort of whatever box seemed reasonable.

Now this isn’t a bad thing. We all want to be comfortable and if that was a goal you set for yourself (which you met) then I applaud you.

But what if the ceiling of that box is stifling you? What if your unhappiness is a result of what you believe about yourself?

Then you owe it to your future to change the narrative inside of your head.

I have a student that told me he wants to own a business. I then asked him do you believe that you can have a business? He says “Ummm yea but I’m a kid and don’t have business school training, they ain’t taught me that yet.”

I asked who in the heck are they? He responds “You know, the teachers and stuff.” I told him that if he is waiting on a teacher to give him the keys to his business then he will be waiting the rest of his life.

And that is a problem we all face. We create a limit and then try to find outside evidence in our lives to support why the limit is there.

Listen, they ain’t stopping you. Only you have the power to stop you.

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  1. Thank you Jay for publishing this important reminder.
    I agree with you, people should believe in themselves along ignoring the negative words.

    If I am not wrong, people can learn a lot of valuable stuff and find out their interests as well when they try to do many things in this life.

    1. Acell,

      You’re welcome. I¬†encourage following your passions until something finally clicks and just feels right.¬†

      Thanks for your comment.


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