Realistic Vs Unrealistic Expectations- One Minute with Jay

realistic vs unrealistic expectations on a timeline

Your level of disappointment is tied to your realistic vs unrealistic expectations. Sometimes we place too much within a short timeline, when we could do the opposite.

I’m on a weight loss kick this week so let’s continue that theme. I see Facebook posts all the time or even hear my friends say “I’m about to lose a lot of weight this month.” And then the follow up to that is “I’m trying this new [fill in new over-promising weight loss program/fad of the month].”

Then I’m stuck trying to explain why they should stick to a normal dieting(when I say dieting I mean eat bad foods in moderation and slowly eat foods that are better for you)/regular exercise routine.

If you try the new super Atkins, low carb, megasmega, south-beach diet 2 and actually lose 50 pounds the next month, good for you. But are the results sustainable? Are you going to continue this crazy diet once you hit your goal?

Of course not! You are going right back to your old habits, maybe slightly modified at best. And the weight creeps right back up on you and you are upset with yourself 2 months later.

Your expectation was unrealistic from the start and you placed all of this pressure on yourself to hit your target in a short time frame, if you can’t sustain or even hit the target you are disappointed.

If you shorten the distance between your expectation and reality by setting smaller attainable goals…

You can achieve greater long term success that has some staying power.

Stop chasing after overarching, crazy huge goals thinking you will get there in a week. Anything worthwhile will take a while.

Have a great week and if this post pops someone into your mind please share!

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