How to shift paradigm

How to shift Paradigm

Of course to explain this I have to begin with a story.

She was almost 300 pounds, bags under her eyes from a lifetime of long hours and early mornings as a security guard, staring at a empty bottle of high blood pressure medication.

Her eyes appeared to slowly filling up with tears like a water balloon before it pops.

I looked at my mother from the doorway of her bedroom, hoping that this was the turning point.

It was.

After many doctors visits, the threat of diabetes and being short of breath while walking upstairs, my mom decided to make a change.

She no longer would tolerate late night snacking, completely changed her diet, and began to exercise every morning by walking on the treadmill.

This was the beginning of her paradigm shift. A shift in her pile of habits that are stacked in her brain.

The only way to shift the paradigm is to shift your habits through a lot of repetition. Repetition creates the paradigm in the first place and can restructure it.

But you have to replace the bad habits with new ones. This is slowly switching out one Paradigm for a new. Similar to how my mom would replace any snacks or a craving for rice with fruit or vegetables she enjoyed the most. Green beans!

Shifting your paradigm is not easy but it is doable. All you have to be willing to do is to find a new routine and be systematic and how you apply that routine until your new paradigm is cemented.

For my guide on how to make this change, you can grab a copy of How to quit a bad habit.


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