Define Follow Through- One Minute with Jay

Define Follow Through

When you tell yourself that you going to do something, like finally go to the gym this week and then push it off until you say:

“Mmmhmmm, maybe next week. The weather will be better by then.” What you are really saying is, “The benefit of working out in the future does not impact me enough where I would want to change today.”

Wait what?

Allow me to explain.

You are planning for your future self and your current self does not benefit from it.

We live in a society of instant gratification. One minute rice, instant oatmeal, 5 minute microwaveable cakes.

With faster food comes the desire to want everything else to work just as quick.

Your mind is accustomed to speedy results.

Follow through is prepping yourself to deal with the need for gratification in advance.

When you struggle with completing a task that has future implications, try making the task into a project that must be completed today.

So instead of the yard having to be free of leaves by the weekend, try to frame it as half of the yard needs to be free of leaves today. Making it more urgent and giving yourself quicker gratification.

Just something to think about.

PS. I will probably release a video on the topic this week. This feels like good material for a video. Stay tuned.


  1. That makes a lot of sense. I haven’t thought about it like that before. Instead of telling my students to suck it up. I could try to get them to break the assignment up into mini goals. It may help with their need for instant gratification.

    1. Hi Mat,

      Yes, that could be a huge help for your students. I know that it helps me every time I find my procrastinating too much.

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