Best Leadership Traits- Part 3

In part 3 of the best leadership traits to have, let’s discuss 5 virtues of strategic leadership.

Strategic leadership is being able to influence others to make decisions for the benefit of the team or group. I believe that this list in addition to the other parts will help you rethink your role as a leader.


Virtues of Strategic Leadership

1. Spread the wealth. Divide responsibilities among team based on strengths.











2. Share information openly.
Find a common area to share the same information to everybody.












3. Increase exposure to hands on learning.


4. Allow team members to own their work. Less micromanaging and more creation of leadership opportunities.

Give space to allow ownership, even if your team struggles a little.


5. Dedication to continual development of future leaders.


Remember that you are a leader no matter what your official role may be. You do not suddenly become a leader once in a role of authority. You lead where you are and increase your authority/influence.

Which one of these virtues do you need to work on?

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