Best Leadership Traits- Part 2

This is a continuation of my post from earlier in the week, which featured 6 of the best leadership traits. If you want to check those out you can by clicking here.

Okay, without further ado let’s take a peek at the remaining tips.

7. Continual Learning.

In an age of faster, better technology those who do not learn, unlearn, then relearn will be lost.

Leaders understand that they are only as good as what they know. Keeping up on upcoming trends, new ways of doing business can only help.

A desire to learn can help in many areas you wouldn’t even expect. A few years ago I took a class through Udacity on how to create an app for android ?.

I am not a programmer at all but I thought it would make for good conversation and I might actually learn something new. The class made my brain hurt but at the end I did have a semi-functioning app for my phone.

I also learned a little about programming languages which helped me to speak to some IT peps at work during a database upgrade.  This lead to being chosen to be my HR department’s main upgrade tester. All because of my interest.

Your world expands through picking up new skills.

8. Creator of Balance.

Harmony my friends. Harmony. A leader looks to build harmonious, win-win situations (There’s actually a song with this same title. Just thought I would mention.) in everything they do.

This includes hiring, team building, friendships. You always want to have people around you that are strong in your weaknesses. People that complete you. This also lowers jealousy within a team because they are not competing  for the same spots.

9. Personal Motivator.

No one wants a leader, captain, coach, co-worker, etc that only barks orders and does not have a vested interest in them.

You have to be able to find out what motivates the people around you. This can only be done by getting to know them personally. What are their dreams, backgrounds, hobbies? Once you know, it will be easier to motivate because you really know them and care.

10. Humility.

Above all else the best leaders are humble. They see themselves as facilitators, mentors, teachers, creators. Not bosses, disciplinarians, or dictators. I believe that those who choose ego over migos (that’s amigos not the rap group) have loss their sense of purpose.

If are not making each other better and greed is the reason for everything we do…that’s pretty sad. Stay humble and build people up.

What traits do you need to work on? What traits do you think are missing? Leave a comment below.

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