Why imagination important- Overcome Obstacle One Minute with Jay

Today’s one minute with Jay is called Why imagination important- Overcome Obstacle.

Your imagination is the key to unlock or overcome your obstacle. Instead of viewing your problem as a preventative force, try to see it as something that can be worked around.

If you take this perspective then you will not stop progress. You will be forced to figure out a way to forge ahead even with a setback. This works your creativity muscles and reminds me of the saying “there are no problems, only opportunities.”

I wish I came up with that saying because of how powerful it is. Each issue you have is an opportunity for success.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak would have never created the Apple computer if they did not want to solve the issue of creating an alternative to IBM’s clumsy computer. They imagined a personal computer that was user friendly.

If they accepted computers for what they were, then we never would have had the experience of the I-Phone.

You see your obstacle is just an invention waiting to be hatched. Your problem is just a means to create a new opportunity in your life.

And if you fail to see it for what it really is then the people around you, your family, the world may suffer. Do not give up when something difficult hits you, don’t surrender, do not die with your creativity.

Allow your imagination to soar in your toughest moments. You owe it to yourself to see exactly what you can do. To see what you are really made of. You may actually surprise yourself when you challenge your challenge.

Part of the reason why I feel compelled to encourage you today is because I know what it feels like to give up when something ugly rears its head it my life that seems insurmountable.

I have been laid off 3 times from corporate jobs where I worked in human resources and each time I almost quit on searching for jobs. But I realized that I have more skills that can be utilized in many different arenas.

I love to write, share my stories with others and that in part is what has lead me to this blog. Each lay-off made me scrutinize my skills and expand what I thought I was capable of. I even went back to school to get a certificate to help my professional career.

Eventually I got over the hump but it wasn’t until I looked at my situation differently.

Your hurdle will just build your leg strength. Think about it….:)

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