What to do when you feel stuck in life

When you feel stuck in life similar to a back tire caught in deep snow. You have to try to dig yourself out the best way you can.

And sometimes the digging just exposes the tire more and you are still spinning your wheels. You try to study, you try to work harder on your job and you can see your goal in mind but still cannot get there.

With your tire exposed or goal in mind you have to build a little traction. Sometimes this requires you to throw down some dirt and try to accelerate.

The dirt is the little hard things that most people will not do to make it towards their goals. It’s the little wins that you build up along the way.

If you want to make a great website, first you have to pick a platform to create it, then figure out a site to host it, then create your text, title, name, colors, theme, then add content, figure out what strategies you want to use for marketing, SEO.

My point is that you have to create small wins for yourself (which I may have mentioned in another post) to build up enough momentum to take off.

Make smaller achievable goals for yourself to move you a little closer each time you complete them.

Soon you will be taking off and people will wonder how you did it.

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