What is your paradigm

A paradigm is a set of particular patterns or models. Some synonyms are templates, prototypes, archetypes. Meaning that it is how something is set up and can be used as a method of understanding. Huh? So how does that apply to you?

Your paradigm is your pattern of thinking. It is the template in your head that you apply to everything in your world, in order to understand it better.

The way you think is important because if you are a glass half empty person then everything that happens in your life will be seen as negative.

Some our civil rights activists had a strange way of viewing there world. Martin Luther King Jr. was place in jail around 20 times, stabbed, house bombed and yet he continued to peacefully pursue equal rights.

Each attack propelled him forward. That is strange. You see he saw each attack as proof that his cause was just. If your model of thought is consistent with your cause or goal then you can achieve even through pain and setbacks.

Today if you became hurt or discouraged from following your passion by outsiders, what would be your response?

What is your paradigm?

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