What is the meaning of when one door closes another door opens

When a opportunity that seemed within reach suddenly moves out of your grasp, this can be described as a door closing. But where one opportunity fails there is always another around the corner. Sometimes multiple doors have to close in order to guide you to that one which is waiting for you to walk through. The missed chances or failures are just road maps to your correct path.


  1. Great post you got here and i like the niche because it touches things in life that matter.

    I believe in that too and i know that in every disappointment there is a blessing lucking around somewhere.

    Any problem that doesn’t has a solution is never a problem in the first place.

    Thanks for putting this out and i hope folk will take this to heart and pit it to good use.

    1. Yes! Disappointment is just a setup for what is truly meant for you. Thank you Richard and I hope to speak with you again soon

  2. Hello and thanks for sharing, what you are saying is so true and this is a saying that have been around for sometime, even me myself along with so many other persons have use these words. And these words are true, it is just a matter of looking at your situations in a positive way and see the greater good and the good news is that it always works out for good. Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Hi Norman! The difficulty is keeping that positive outlook in the midst of everything. If we can then we can be rewarded by seeing it all come together. Thanks and stop by again soon

  3. This happened to me a lot in my lifetime. Only I’m not sure I would say that my closed doors are failures.

    I just sort of realized I was better at something else. So the door closed in a way to me open me up to my true talents.

    Thanks for explaining it in great depth, I’m sure many will appreciate the definition

    1. Jose, this has happened to me ALOT too. I am currently having old doors close and new ones opening. It is a scary but necessary process. If you have any other stories to share, I would love to hear them

  4. That is a really great attitude to have! Everyone goes through hard times in their lives, but just because something doesn’t work out, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

    You learn and grow from each experience. Maybe you had to fail at one thing so that you’d be ready to succeed at the next. It’s good to have that kind of optimism!

    1. Every failure has a lesson in it. Imagine how much more you could accomplish if you could instantly jump into that mindstate. Thanks Nick. Please share and come back soon

  5. I’ve heard this sale many times. And I think it’s true in any area of your life, whether it comes to relationships, careers, and family life, etc.

    Looking back on my past, many doors have closed on me, but seeing where I am now with building a successful online business and improving my life, I’m glad they did close.

    But sometimes when a door does close on you, it can be a very sad time when you didn’t want it to happen. You can never see it staright away, but it does lead to a better door opening. It’s just a case of waiting for that time to come.


    1. Neil, The waiting part can be a killer. I remember going through a bad break up. I didn’t want the relationship to end but it had to in order to find someone I really wanted to be with. But I had to wait for what felt like an eternity. I understand what you mean but when you wait its soooo worth it.

  6. Hello Jay: These particular words of encouragement are the same ones I told myself and have followed since being laid off 3 years ago after almost 35 years in Corporate American in the IT field. They led me to pursue this dream to succeed an entrepreneur. Thanks for the reminder.
    I have signed up for more encouragement. Keep it coming..
    Best wishes for your continued success as well!

    1. Hi Barbara! I can’t imagine the fortitude it took to venture out after so many years in IT. I definitely would like to hear more about story and the mindshift that took place. Thank you for subscribing. I appreciate it

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