What is irrational thinking

What is irrational thinking? It is a systematic pattern that limits your belief in yourself. A constant negative, nagging, presence in your head.

Some of us believe that we do not deserve to reach a new level. “I do not deserve him or her because____________(fill in the blank).” ” I can’t have that new __________because______.” The only limit is the one you have placed on yourself.

We fear being extraordinary. We want to be accepted and fit in with our friends but success requires you to be set apart. Success forces you to be or do something different when compared to everyone else.

And even when pushed to be successful then we fear social change. The change of having to connect with new social groups, the fear of not being accepted in a new neighborhood, the fear of being alienated by people from the old neighborhood.

Oh and when you get over that you may even stay awake at night wondering when your good luck will run it. Wondering if it will all end.

These are irrational thoughts. They are irrational because they are unfounded. Stop worrying about what could go wrong and focus on what is going on that is good.

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