What is faith love and hope

Faith, love and hope all tie together. If you can imagine yourself as an empty blender cup then you can imagine each of these three elements being the ingredients.

These are the ingredients to your success to achieve what you desire in your life.

Hope is when you have an expectation that something will come to past. Hope builds confidence but can fade once obstacles arise.

What’s funny is that if you never have hope you can never get to faith. You see once hope snowballs (if you allow it to) it becomes something greater.

That greater is the F word…

Faith is the undying confidence that you will achieve your dreams. Faith is the highest level of belief, that God can and will prosper you.

But you see you cannot have faith if you do not love. There must be a passion that burns within you. The love fuels your faith.

All three blend together. You have to hope until it is apart of you, until it is a fire that cannot be extinguished, which transforms into faith. Then allow love to feed your faith.

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