What are you waiting for in life- Get up and Get out

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This is just a quick reminder to get up and get out to work on something you want to accomplish today! Not tomorrow or next week. Work on something right now, no matter how small. What are you waiting for in life—for some magic to happen?

Matter of fact, stop reading this post, close your device or laptop and start doing.

It may be something personal like wanting to be yourself in public. You would be surprised how many people pretend to be someone they are not at work, school, or even around family. If this is you then call up a friend and tell them something about you that they do not know….It’s a step in the right right direction.

Maybe you dodge, delay, or put your problems on hold when they pop up. You are not less of a person because you have a problem. Guess what? I am going to let you in on a little secret. Everyone has problems. I don’t care who they are. It is not the problem that is the issue but how you respond to it. And procrastinating makes it worst. Figure out how you contributed to it, acknowledge it and come up with the first thing you have to do to work on resolution.

Are you afraid to live? Why haven’t you pursued the goal burning inside of you. Are you afraid to fail? Do you think you aren’t qualified?

Well you have to start somewhere. In your fears lies the keys to your success. Get moving on the qualifications you need, the book you need to study, sign up for the test or certification program, enroll in a group support team that you know can help you.

That last point sounds awfully AA-ish but I mean there are affinity groups, mastermind teams, informal meetups, and podcasts that can help you do just about anything (all you need is to link up with like minded people and BOOOM ideas/opportunities come)


  1. Thanks for the motivation. I’ll admit that the fear often does hold me back from taking the action that I should. That is one of the terrible things about fear- it causes you to freeze up. This post is an awesome reminder to not let the fear and the past hinder you and to continue to take massive action (to quote Tony Robbins).

    1. Hi Asmithxu- Fear is natural but you can channel that energy to drive yourself. Athletes practice this regularly. Thank you stopping by and I hope that you will take some massive action today… I love Tony Robbins.

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