What are haters and why they are important for growth

A hater is someone that no matter what you do they tend to have something negative to say about it. You could save a 4 month old infant from a fire in a burning building on the 7th floor and your hater may say “Oh you did that to get some attention. Are you a superhero now?”

Haters are cannot help but to try to find a flaw because they are unhappy about something within themselves. And you know misery loves company.

Here’s the interesting part: if you are playing it safe, no adversity will arise. That means that the people who are trying to bring you down will only pop up their ugly heads when you are challenging the status quo. Why? It is because they do not like change, especially if it is positive.

So you cannot grow personally, professionally, spiritually without someone trying to stop it. Embrace the negative and the naysayers because it is an indication that you are moving to greater heights.

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