Ways to memorialize loved one

Memorial day makes me think about the impact of family on my life. Here are some ways I decided to memorialize my loved ones.

My Grandma died back in December and I constantly dream about the random things she would say to me. She would tell me things like you have a calling and a purpose. She would say you have genius inside of you if you decide to use it.

So the only way I could think of to memorialize her impact on me is to chase my goals everyday. She would have wanted me to pursue interests that help others and guide people looking for direction.

That’s why I take pride in giving advice to kids I meet or even helping my daughter with her math equations. My goal is to be a light to as many people as possible because every time I do I imagine grandma saying well done. Well done son, well done.

So my memorial is continual one that lives on through anyone I come in contact with.

My Uncle George

Now I loss my Uncle George last February. He had some inner conflicts but I believe that deep down the root of those conflicts were matters of the heart. When he loved he did so deeply.

And he never had a chance to give his wife a proper goodbye, she died suddenly before him. My Aunt Sand was the love of his life. They were high school sweethearts.

My uncle died while traveling with one son to see his other son. Despite his inner struggles he still made an attempt to be with the people he loved. But he didn’t get the chance to give them a proper goodbye. This is a cautionary tale that if there is any love in your heart you ought  to tell your family every chance you get.

I did not tell my Uncle George how much I loved him and how the little things he did helped me. He gave me a Bible for Christmas one year, when I was in high school. At the time I was upset (Dude where are the video games?) but I always kept that Bible with my collection of books. Now I teach Sunday School lessons to young boys from that same Bible I received and didn’t want years ago.

I memorialize him every Sunday.

There are ways to keep your loved ones alive through your everyday activities. It does not have to be a piece of jewelry or a picture. They can live on THROUGH YOU!

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