Ways preventing stress- One minute with Jay

Today’s video is called Ways preventing stress. This is an installment of my One minute with Jay series. Sometimes people, family, the job or all the above just get under your skin. I have been there too many times to count.

But believe it or not the stress doesn’t matter and should not be a focus. It’s how you respond to your stress that matters. Everyone has stress and things that will simply get on your last nerve. But not everyone has a technique that they use when it hits them.

My ways to reduce stress include ALOT of self talk. There are always two separate conversations going on in my head. Some convos are full of “you cannot do this”, “just quit.” But I have to consciously choose to override these thoughts with positive self talk.

You have to be able to encourage yourself when no one else can or isn’t available to help up lift you. I tell myself all the time: “I can,” “I am great,” “This is meant to be,” “No one can stop you but you,” “keep going because hard work always pays off.”

That may sound cheesy but it’s true. That’s how I stay motivated when I feel like no one else understands what I am going through.

Another way is probably more common but physical activity always help. Get out and get moving, lift something, box something, anything physical. My weapon of choice: Dumbbells.

All things considered life isn’t as bad as it could be. There is always someone in a worse position. That alone is enough to relieve stress.

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