Understanding the power of now

Live today don’t wait for something magical to happen or reaching the perfect goal before you decide to have abundance. Understanding the power of now is knowing that life is fluid and you have move with it. That’s where fulfillment lies.

What happened yesterday is already history. Today is a brand new start, a blank page to write new chapters of your biography.

The problem we all face is that we live in yesterday or yonderday. Some live in the past and that defines their personality. So they get stuck because to let go of the past would be to lose a sense of self.

Yonderdayers are the folks that are SO caught up in what their life could be like that they completely lose precious years as a sacrifice for future self.

I’m definitely a yonderdayer. I have to constantly remind myself of what can be accomplished now. I don’t have to wait until I have a million dollars to help others in need. That’s why I mentor students and speak at various conferences/schools.

I’m living right now! Living my truth. Living as the future me- – -in the present.

It doesn’t matter how big your dream is…You can live a piece of it today.


  1. Yonderday! what a word but yes, some of us or too many of us where born yesterday, they don’t moving up, and yes actually Am belong with them, but when I read your article, somewhat flashing in my mind that can I be live by now, dreamed big and leave yesterday and live today. Awesome article.

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