Transitions making sense of life changes- One Minute with Jay

There are times when everything of importance seems to be upside down. Your money is tight, you have to figure out what bills can be paid immediately and which ones have to take a backseat.

You may be looking at your account on a daily basis wondering how it is all going to turn out.

Maybe the finances are okay but you are lacking in having the love you are looking for in your life.

Take your eyes off of the current position you are in and view what you are lacking as just a Transition.

Every one of us goes through a period of change and in order to have more you have to Transition from one dry area to a place of more abundance.

Keep this in mind and prepare yourself for the next stage…a higher stage.


  1. Hi Jay,
    It is very true, we all go through moments of transition in our lives. We have to know how to wait, be patient, be positive despite the situation we are living. I really liked what you explain in your video we are constantly changing. The transition is part of our lives forever. Thank you very much for your message.

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